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Bakery products

We make fresh healthy bread
full of joy!

Be our guest and discover the wonderful bakery products of Panifcom Iasi and make no compromise when it comes of taste, ingredients, and freshness and, why not, when it comes of bread’s origins. Panifcom brings forth a family bread, a bread for our family, for the Iasi families.

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Our story began...
with a mill!

Everything began in 1924 with Grandpa Mihail Holicov who, from the vessel of the Russian Imperium, called Potemkin, got to Moldova after the Russian Revolution, on boyar Mișu Ștefănescu estate, where he found a job as an attendant then, in time, he became the owner of a mill, two mills, three mills. From father to son and with more mills in the county, in 1994 Ștefan Holicov took over the torch, together with Liviu Balanicithe, who offered a financial and managerial support developing the Panifcom Group of Companies.

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Agricultural crops

We tell you the story of bread, our story, with every wheat or rye grain!

There were times when people had a different relationship with their land and they knew more on the food origins and preparation. We decided that for a good bread we have to be involved in the entire process, this is why we owe 3,500 hectares of land, at Vlădeni, near Iași, with different crops, of which 400 hectares of bio lands.

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Cow farm

750 Holstein milk cows!

The most productive cow of our farm gives us about 60 liters of milk per day. We take care that all our cows are healthy and spoiled, this is why each of them has a chip in their leg in order for us to see exactly how much it ate, walked and what quantity of milk we obtained. We spoil them with back and belly rub sensor equipment. The cows also give us compost heap, which is so necessary for out crops!

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Confectionery Frișcot

The sweet part of the Panifcom Group of Companies

Frișcot is the sweet part of the Panifcom Group of Companies – the bakery products company from Iasi dedicated to taste, health and freshness! Frișcot is about pleasure, indulgence, enthusiasm, fooling, amusement, hypocorism, about the joy of living a beautiful life and of sharing delicious things and special experiences with the beloved ones!

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Panifcom, Calea Chișinăului nr.29, Iași, România
Tel.fix: 0232-233.441, 0232-221330, Fax: 0232-310.071

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